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Setting Up Your Workspace {Art Studio}

Setting Up Your Workspace {Art Studio}

"I knew I wanted to go full time, I just had no idea that the conviction was so strong." If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

About two months ago I wrote down in my book of goals that it was finally time for me to find a space outside of my home to paint. The oversized canvases, boxes and drawers of paints, thousands of paintbrushes, and tables were literally taking over our small town home. The problem is, if you know anything about Jackson Hole, finding a place to run a business out of, much less a place to live, is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, my goal read something like this: I will be painting in an art studio and not in my home sometime in the next three years. 


I had no idea that my conviction was so strong that something would come along in just two months! And it's perfect! For me, that just goes to show that writing your goals down is an absolutely integral part of getting to the next step in your business. But that's not what I decided to write about today, I wanted to write about setting your workspace up to help you work smart. Even when I felt cramped in my home, I still had designated certain areas in my home where I worked and felt creative. I knew what I needed to be productive. What are those things for you?


First, I know that I need to wake up early to be productive. Setting the alarm for 5:45am makes me feel like I'm going to conquer the day and get things accomplished. Maybe that doesn't work for you. I'm a morning person, no matter how much I fought that when I was young. The mornings are quiet, no one is around and I can focus most when there are no distractions. I'm not getting text messages or calls to get coffee or go to lunch and I can focus 100% on tasks at hand.


Second, when I'm in work mode, I know I need caffeine. My business is about 15% painting and 75% administrative, marketing, shipping, blogging, and socializing with past, present and future clients. Being alert helps me to tackle these tasks. 


Third, I need a clean workspace. Have you ever noticed when there is clutter around, you have a hard time focusing? Make sure that you designate an area of your home that is for work only. It can be a corner of your living room with a small desk or, if you have the space, an extra bedroom set up as an office. Just make sure it is clear of clutter and has everything you need to successfully complete what you need to do. I even work in the kitchen at the bar when writing blogs... because hey, it has unlimited supplies of coffee! In my studio, I brought an electric tea kettle and a french press. What are small things you can do to make your work space work for you?


Fourth, I need good light. When I arranged my new studio I made sure that I set myself up to face the window. I brought in extra lamps to highlight my paintings, but I needed to face the natural light. Being able to look outside is inspiring and keeps me motivated to stay longer hours.


Finally, is your space reflective of you? Fill it with bits and pieces of your personality. I brought some of my favorite books and plants with me to my new space. Bring photos, make it personal. But remember, don't over clutter. 


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