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Facing the Fear

Facing the Fear

As an artist, I often doubt myself. I wonder if I am on the right path and if it's worth it to keep fighting towards my goals I have set for myself professionally. I worry that my work won't be well received, that it will go out of style or that I won't be able to keep up with the demand. This is all fear based thinking and I have to catch myself, like any of you do who struggle with the same worries, questions and spinning thoughts.


Fear is a natural part of life and I would venture to say it's very common for those of us who work for ourselves. I've been reading a lot about this topic lately and have found that across the board, those who succeed in any type of business have learned to retrain the way they think. Instead of being fearful of the unknown, I have to consider what I really want from my career -- where I could be in a year if I really put my best foot forward and relinquish these feelings of fear. 


Giving up the fearful thoughts and replacing them with abundant, confident and courageous thoughts sounds easy enough, right? Putting it into practice, is another story. That's why it's called practice. Yesterday morning, I added three alarms to my phone and labeled each one: Energetic, Grateful, Abundant. It's a simple and easy reminder for me to replace feelings of fear with feelings of abundance and gratitude. I am energetic when I feel good. When I am grateful I feel blessed and happy. When I am in my groove, I feel the abundance of my hard work in a number of different ways. Contrary, when I am sluggish, depressed or fearful, my productivity suffers and I feel badly about myself and/or my career. 


What I gain from this is that mindset is so important as an artist and a business owner. Training ourselves to think positively may take some work, but with consistency day after day we will start to feel better, become more productive and achieve more. 


What can you we all do today to reduce these feelings of fear and doubt? Try the phone alarm trick. Choose three different times per day where you might need a reminder to feel realign your thoughts and set it for those times. Revamp your routine. Don't have a routine, that could be one of the problems. Most people that are successful have a solid morning routine and tend to plan out their days far in advance. The less planning, the more room for distractions. And finally, a mantra that you can both repeat to yourself throughout the day and write down in your journal to review as often as you need to. Mine is "I am productive, I am energetic, I am powerful." While I may not feel like any one of those is true, I am training myself to think they are.


If you're an artist who struggles with the same issues, get in touch! I'd love to bounce ideas off of each other.




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